Therefore, if you are it is likely that part of your audience, the one that does not consume that format, is missing out on your content. The ideal is to diversify and use the different formats that we can share on each of the social networks, even if most of your content is in that format that works best for you. Not having an itorial content calendar For me, not having a content itorial calendar for social networks is a very serious mistake, not only because you can’t plan and you may be sharing content with similar objectives or themes without realizing it.

But because you can’t organize

Yourself properly. You take anything Lebanon Email List¬†because that day it’s time to publish, you don’t think about the best content in advance and create it, but you do it and publish it. And it is clear that better done than perfect, you can later reuse it to improve it, but each time users demand more quality compar to the amount of content that already exists, so content may not work for you because you have not work on it enough. With a content calendar you can plan monthly to organize your content well, create it and publish it without stress. What’s more.

Country Email List

I dicate an hour a month to making

This content for my brand and then, weekly, I create the content that I ne to publish. Not having a defin frequency Constancy is key to achieving results in social networks. Social networks want us to be constant when Singapore Lead  it comes to sharing content because that tells them that we are committ to them. Therefore, it is important that you define what your frequency will be. And no, there is no generic ideal frequency here. Each social network has an ideal frequency, but the one you choose should depend on the time you have to work on each social network.

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