In the Google Login Password section you can change your password and it will tell you when it was last modifi. Turn on two-step verification. To do this, you must activate it in the Sign in to Google Two-Step Verification section .  that it is you who is trying to log in. You can also choose App passwords and select the app you want to use. Check your devices. In Your Devices , you can review where you’re sign in to remove devices you no longer use or recognize. Review your recent activity. Under Recent Security Activity, you’ll be able to see the latest logins from the last 28 days. If you see something you don’t recognize, change your password.

Where you can see your subscription

Change or cancel the plan, the billing Fiji Email List cycle (if it is paid annually or monthly and when the next payment will be charg, as well as the amount of the next payment) and the payment method. Invoices , where you can enter your billing information, download your invoices and activate a billing email. Delete account , where you can permanently delete your account and the analytics data for the brands you’ve enter. How to connect your social networks in Metricool? To connect your social networks.

Country Email List

Must create a brand from

The Create a brand option in the menu. It will take you to a page where you can connect all the social networks you want to that brand: The Web. The Facebook page and/or group. The professional Instagram Singapore Lead account. The Twitter account. The LinkIn account (profile or page). The Pinterest account. Your personal or business TikTok account. The Google Business Profile account. The YouTube account. The Twitch account. The Facebook Ads account. The Google Ads account. The TikTok Ads account. And the Google Data Studio account.

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