Blog website: 6 months+; most of the blog traffic comes from natural search and recommendations from some channels. Usually the newly creat blogs have very low attention, the weight of the website is also very small, and the effect of Google’s collection is not good. But when you continue to create original content, high-quality content will attract readers to stay on the blog site for a long time to enjoy reading, and the corresponding visit bounce rate will also decrease, which will increase the weight of the website, obtain better keyword rankings, and gradually gain profits.

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Accumulation process, and it is also a continuous process. Affiliate website: 3 months +: Affiliate is a bit special, because there are many optional business methods, but most of them cannot get traffic from the Kiribati Email Lists beginning. of the website, free traffic and paid traffic ne to go hand in hand.endent station? Only suitable for a few people? Anyone who specializes in research practice and independent thinking has the opportunity to become the 5% of the profit Updat: December 30, 2019 4.8/5 – ( 5 votes ) What is an independent station? What is an independent station ? Only suitable for a few people? A few days ago, a reader sent me an email to ask me for help with independent website relat issues.

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As how to choose a construction method

First of all, I am not willing to answer this kind of question, because most of the readers who have read my blog carefully can get their own answer from the article. Of course, I think what readers may Singapore Lead ne is not an answer, but active learning and dicat research practice. There are many different cross-border mia on the Internet, and they will share their views on the choice of independent station construction methods. Some of the interpretations are of high quality, some are nonsense, and some are completely copi from overseas English articles with simple translations. Cross-border e-commerce community’s previous article “ Three Questions for Independent Stations: Should We Do It? When to do it.

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