Know all the expenses Developing an application is an investment. In addition to being an iPhone app, you have to be willing to use your own app, and that comes at a cost. It is necessary to have a defin budget to start the process of creating the App, since it implies the hiring of expert and train professionals in the subject. Also, you have the annual cost to keep the app publish on the App Store, which is about $99. Your app nes monetization to stay. It’s not enough to just develop and publish it, you ne to generate revenue to ensure a positive ROI.

You must define how it

Will be monetiz: subscription, advertising, paid download, freemium… There are several possibilities, just choose the one that best suits your proposal. frame the application The wireframe is the first visual Tuvalu Email List representation of the application for the iOS operating system. Idea develop, time to start getting your hands dirty. Your application nes a wireframe with all its features and how it will work. At this stage, it must contain the route that the user will follow, such as the registration and login screen, home screen, where the buttons will be direct to the user, among others.

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Choose the type of development

It is necessary to invest in native development. exclusively for iOS and will work fine on all iPhones as the programming language is pretermin by Apple. Visual Identity and Design You should also apply the visual layer of the app, after all, it’s the first thing everyone will see once they download it. The design should be modern and take good UX practices into account, to Singapore Lead provide a great experience for your user, so you don’t uninstall the app the same day. Also, the app’s storytelling nes to speak to the visual layer of the app, since it’s a whole. Think of the end user and stick to the color palette defin at the planning stage. To create an iOS app, run tests woman_test_ios_app Before the final version of the iOS app, some tests should be done to fix the problems.

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