What profile should the person who dicates himself entirely to the RRSS have? In the Guide for Community Managers post I answer that question more extensively, but basically I think you have to be a person who is a good communicator, empathetic, organiz and creative. Also, at the rate that this changes, you must be a person who likes to be in continuous learning. – How many accounts can the same Community optimally manage? This will depend on the services you provide for those accounts and the time you work, but I always say that it is better to have few good clients than to have many that pay you less. – Do you think it is a service to always outsource? No, it depends on the nes of the company.

Sometimes it is better to outsource

It to a professional and other times it is better to incorporate it into your staff. – What profile of companies should consider integrating this worker into their HR and which ones should not even consider it? For me, all Belize Email List companies should consider integrating it. The only ones that would not make sense are those that do not have any kind of presence on social networks and do not plan to have it in the future. I hope I have solv your doubts. If you work with social networks, either managing your own social networks or also managing your clients’ as a social mia professional, you will have verifi that you ne a tool to monitor the results and to manage your social networks.

Country Email List

There are many tools on the market

For this, but today I want to tell you about my favorite tool: Metricool. Do you want to know a tool to manage and monitor your social networks or that of your clients? Here I share a Metricool tutorial. CLICK TO TWEET If you don’t know it or want to start getting the most out of it, here is a tutorial with everything you can do with this tool. Go for it! You may also be Anguilla Email List interest in: Content recycling: convert one content into several and save time How to create a content strategy for social networks? Social mia audit: how to analyze your social profiles step by step Post Index.

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