total black. Sequins and focus on emma marrone’s wet beauty look armani. Chosen by several protagonists of sanremo 2020. Including fiorello and rula jebreal . Dominates the ariston stage with classic elegance enrich by sequin and velvet work . Dark tones and declin differently depending on the context. Lead armani to place 3rd place for miv®. Among the brands analyz . With a total value of €1.6m . L by voce traditional mia at 38.5% but with interesting values . Once again. Referring to instagram. Emma’s beauty wet look . Defin by many mia as one of the best of the festival . Is the post that generat the most value for both armani and

But the Fact That It Exists is Not Enough

among the brands analys. In this case however. The own mia voice makes itself heard and the posts publish by d&g on instagram push the value of the miv® by 81%; then follows the celebrity voice. For the reasons mention above. And while instagram confirms its rise. What is surprising. But not too much. Is the top post record for d&g. That of the nuclear tactical penguins . On the winners’ podium in 3rd position. Their presence at the saremo 2020 festival and their positioning on social mia. In a certain sense. Confirm the rapprochement of the younger generations business email list (readgeneration z ) both at the festival and at luxury brands such as d&g . Armani:

Business email list

Whoever Plays the Role Must Represent a

With only 46 total posts. Obtain the highest average miv® (€113k). Dolce & gabbana dresses the winners the unmistakable style of italian designers moves among the notes of the 2020 sanremo festival. Confirming the total black line . With well-calibrat touches of color. The brand . Chosen by some of the winners and key protagonists of the festival ( diodato . I pinguini tattici nucleari .  Singapore Lead Tecla. Tiziano ferro. Alketa vejsiu. Paolo palumbo ). Obtains a total miv® of €4.7m. Placing it in 2nd place in our ranking. 96% of the value in miv® comes from social mia; with 175 total placements and an audience reach of almost 2 billion people. The highest value

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