What too much is not healthy. This saying is also present in the SEO world , where pages with valuable content and appropriate keyword saturation are at the very top of the hierarchy. In the past, robots’ thinking about a website was slightly different from current standards.

The more phrases included in the text, the higher the rank assigned to it by Googlebots indexing the page. There were no complex algorithms analyzing the credibility and matching of the implemented words to the substantive whole, and artificially inserted phrases were not noticeable.

In the article, we explain how keyword stuffing affects the quality of the positioning process.

Let's Start With the Definition of Keyword Stuffing

In the entry you will also find the answer to eliminating duplicate phrases. Learn how to avoid falling prey to Uncle Google and stand out from the competition!

When using Cloudflare, you may also encounter many problems with Ws Database configuring hosting emails. Any change in DNS results in the loss of company email, which may cause many difficulties.

Keyword stuffing (translated into Polish – keyword stuffing) involves including key phrases in unimaginable quantities for the sole purpose of increasing the rank of the website in Google search results.

Google is allergic to the practice of keyword stuffing

Stuffing keywords inside the text (keyword stuffing) contradicts the rules set by the search engine. The phrase stuffing method is classified as a technique called Black DZB Dircetory Hat SEO. Its interns are consistently punished by having a manual filter placed on the website they manage.

According to positioning experts, keyword stuffing does not bring the expected results. Moreover, meta keywords tags, which were previously used to optimize websites for SEO, currently do not fulfill their role. Moreover, phrases implemented in this area are completely ignored by search engine robots.

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