Knowing what Cloudflare is , knowing the basic functions of this service and knowing how it affects the SEO of a website, you can proceed to its configuration. How to do it? Here are simple instructions:

After creating your free account on the Cloudflare website, connect your domain to it.
Select one of the proposed service packages, then select DNS addresses and enter them in the domain management panel.
Start propagating. It may take up to 24 hours.

Once you’ve finished changing your NS records, go to your SSL certificate settings and select the best option for your site.
What else does Cloudflare offer?

Does Cloudflare have any disadvantages

In the Overview tab , you can enable the Under Attack Mode option , which protects the website Ws Data against bots or excessive overload.

The Speed​​tab gives access to file minification, i.e. procedures such as eliminating unnecessary spaces or footnotes from JavaScript, HTML or CSS files. They reduce the overall page size while ensuring faster loading times.

There are many ways to improve website speed. These include removing unnecessary content, compressing images or changing hosting services. But what if the implementation of these methods is impossible or does not bring satisfactory results?

As You Can See Cloud Flare is a Useful Service That

Cloudflare SEO is then the best solution. Combined with the SSL certificate, the system guarantees full data protection and easy and quick access to all website functions.

Cloudflare SEO brings a number of benefits to the website. When DZB Dircetory deciding to use this service, you must remember about its several significant disadvantages.

One of them is direct access to data filtered by Cloudflare servers. They are certainly monitored constantly by many third parties.

Moreover, improper use of the service carries the risk of losing data or making it available to undesirable entities.

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