And from taxpayers to polluters.To make disclosure of climate-related financial risks mandatory. To integrate carbon neutrality into all economic and fiscal policies and decisions. And to promote, finance and implement equitable transition plans. The small island developing States of the world deserve special solidarity. Some face an State to be forced to lower its flag because of a problem that we have the means to solve. COP in November will be a defining moment for climate action. The COP Biodiversity Conference of the Parties is an opportunity to stop the extinction crisis through a new post- biodiversity framework. Let us not forget that % of new or emerging human infectious diseases are zoonotic.

This year’s high-level energy dialogue will propose

The transition to renewable energy and the expansion of energy access. As we prepare for the Ocean Conference in Portugal, the world must accelerate action to stop overfishing, dramatically reduce pollution, including plastics, and Australia Phone Number List promote the blue economy. The Food Systems Summit and the Global Conference on Sustainable Transport can transform these vital sectors. will also be To shift the decisive in advancing the New Urban Agenda. Reconciling with nature is possible. We must achieve it. From the unit. Our fourth priority is to confront the pandemic of poverty and inequality. More than % of the world’s population experiences increasing wealth inequality. But wealth is not the only measure.

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In life opportunities depend among other

Factors on gender, race, ethnic or family origin, or whether or not one has a disability. These injustices feed off each other, cause people to lose trust in governments and institutions, and resonate across generations. The pandemic To shift the has worsened Brazil Phone Number List the situation. We see it in the way COVID- has taken a toll on vulnerable and marginalized people. The report published this week by Oxfam revealed that just how much the wealth of the ten richest men had increased during the crisis would be enough to prevent anyone from falling into poverty due to the virus and to pay for COVID vaccination. – for everyone.

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