We must achieve it. From the unit. Our third priority must therefore be to make peace with nature. is a critical year for climate and biodiversity. Last month, I called on all Member States to declare a climate emergency in their countries. Today, I call on the international community to achieve five key milestones ahead of the COP Conference of the Parties in November. First, let us continue to expand the global coalition to achieve carbon neutrality by The coalition currently accounts for % of the global economy and % of global carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s make sure this year covers at least % of emissions. G countries and major emitters must lead the way. I call on all cities, companies and financial institutions to adopt concrete roadmaps with clear intermediate milestones to achieve carbon neutrality by

Key sectors such as shipping, aviation

Industry and agriculture must do the same. Second, governments must submit nationally determined contributions to reduce global emissions by % by compared to levels. Third, we must make a breakthrough in adaptation. Adaptation Canada Phone Number List cannot be the forgotten component of climate action. Donors and multilateral development banks should increase the share of adaptation finance from % to a minimum of % by Fourth, we must honor all financial commitments. Developed countries must fulfill their commitment to mobilize $ billion annually for climate action in developing countries.

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This should include the full capitalization of the

Green Climate Fund. All development banks should align their portfolios with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, and help mobilize private financing and investment by establishing guarantees and partnerships. This would allow billions of dollars in financial flows to be channeled. The United Nations Net-Zero Asset Owner Belgium Phone Number List Alliance initiative and the Global Investor  goal. Fifth, we must adopt transformation policies. It’s time: To put a price on carbon. To stop building new coal-fired power plants. with offshore coal financing. To end fossil fuel subsidies.

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