Do not interact with other accounts Social networks are social, and that implies that there are conversations. You can’t expect everyone to leave comments on your content when you never do on other people’s content. Or that they interact with your story polls if you never interact with others. You don’t ne to spend hours interacting with everyone’s content either, but you do ne to dicate time to it daily or weekly. Come on, that you behave like a user of social networks and not like an account that only vomits content. Use it only to showcase your products.

It is clear that, if you are a brand or company

You are on social networks to sell. But from there to only sharing images and videos of your products and how wonderful they are, there is a stretch. I am not saying that they are not wonderful, but you have to keep in Honduras WhatsApp Number List mind that users expect something more. Your content should revolve around your products, but you can create different content that brings something to your potential customer and also shows them. Those are the contents that will really help you both to have more visibility and to increase your sales. Offer your services left and right No matter how good your services are.

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If you are offering them without

Being ask or directly interest in them, what you are doing is SPAM. And that does not give a very good image of your brand, what is more, it has always seem to me a desperate action to find clients. is really Singapore Lead your potential client or not and then create a disinterest conversation in which you can confirm if they are about to buy and if you can really help them. Everything else increases your chances of being told NO today and tomorrow. Even being report for spam and you may have a penalty on Instagram. obsess with numbers Likes or followers do not pay bills, unless you are an influencer.

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