I am not saying that they are not important and that you should not work to increase it, but they are not the most important thing. It is better to have a small community where your potential customer is than to have a very large community of random people. More than anything because when it comes to selling, with the small community you will get it and surely with less effort. In the case of the large community, it depends. That is why you should not be obsess with numbers and understand that they are people and that you must take care of them so that they are faithful to your brand.

At least so that they consider

You when buying. The follow unfollow “strategy” This is a widely us “strategy” to  especially us by local brands or businesses. But it’s not a good idea. There are other, much better ways to make Guatemala WhatsApp Number List yourself known to potential customers without having to do this. Also, keep in mind that most of the accounts that follow you will do so because of that principle of reciprocity, not because they are interest in what you share or what you sell. And that means that later these accounts do not have many interactions or many sales.

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Not be constant Social networks

Want us to be constant and frequently use their platform. There may be a time when you ne to slow down or even fade away before you burn out, that’s okay. Or that you ne to stop to improve the strategy Singapore Lead because it is not working for you. But your potential customers ne to receive content from you regularly to keep your brand in their minds. And the fact that a potential client arrives at an outdat or abandon profile does not give a good image. You may even think that the company has clos. conclusions As you can see, it is not so difficult to avoid making these mistakes and work well with your Instagram account.

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