You have to balance what your potential client wants with what you want to share as a business, because if not, in the end, it is most likely that you will not have views or interactions. Here it is important to know your potential client well to know what content they find interesting and expect to see from a brand like yours, and define what the objectives of having a presence on Instagram are for your business. Add links in descriptions On Instagram, the links that you add in the description are not clickable, but it is also that if you consume content in the application (which is where most users do it from) it is not even selectable.

Therefore, your follower

Has to remember and write the link that you Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List have shar… Either they are very interest or I tell you that they do not. The best thing is that you add that link in your biography, you can change it temporarily and leave only that one if you are in a launch or promotion, or that you incorporate it in the list of web links that you have in the biography.  to write you by private message or leave you a comment so that you can write to them privately with the link. There it is clickable and thus you are increasing interactions, something that the algorithm likes.

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Do not reply to comments or messages

Many brands complain that they have neither comments nor messages and then when you analyze their account they have not even bother to reply to messages and comments… That user is investing his time Singapore Lead writing to you, at least responding to him or, if there is no response to what he has written, giving his comment a like so that he knows that you have read it and value it. If you don’t, there will come a time, sooner or later depending on how that person is, when they know they won’t get an answer.

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