If you are starting out, I always recommend having a slightly higher frequency and once you have position content, you can lower it if you do not have the equipment to maintain that frequency. For example, you can start with 1 piece of content a week and then go down to 2 pieces a month. Of course, this will depend on your objectives, your resources and the results you are getting. Schule select content in your itorial calendar Now that you know what your ideal publication frequency is, the one you are going to follow, and the content you are interest in creating, it is time to put a date on your itorial calendar.

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You have written down previously because there Estonia WhatsApp Number List may be content that interests you that is publish or publish the same week that you make a release, or when there is a specific date indicat on the calendar. In addition, there are contents that are evergreen, that is, they work at any time, and contents that are not, that have a specific period in which they will be display. It doesn’t make sense for me to publish a post about strategies for Christmas after this period and also not right on those dates, but before them so and so that Google has time to index it before Christmas arrives. Define the titles of the contents thinking about SEO If you want your content to be position in Google, you must think about SEO.

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A very common mistake: use words in their SEO titles that their potential client does not know. That is, if you are a mia buyer or digital trafficker, the most common thing is that your potential client looks for you Singapore Lead as an advertising expert. These terms are more frequent in people who are dicat to digital marketing, not in CEOs. In the study that you have carri out previously, you will already have an idea of ​​what they are looking for and how they look for it, so it is simply a touch to make it attractive. Write content for your blog Now that you have everything, it’s time to plan to create the content that you have add to your itorial calendar. You should not only write the content, but also take into account the visual part of it.

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