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It makes no sense to create a blog about something that has nothing to do with your business or something you have no idea about, because it will neither generate sales nor help you work on your brand. And it doesn’t make sense to talk about a thousand things either, focus on what you really do best and what your potential customer is looking for when they want to buy what you offer. As long as you define 2 or 3 themes, it’s fine. For example, in my blog you find content on social networks and digital marketing. Carry out a study of the keywords you want to position Now it’s time to think about which keywords you are interest in positioning.

Think of all those words

That have to do with your business to Finland WhatsApp Number List brainstorm ideas on which to do the study later. Once you have them written down, start entering them into a tool that tells you what is being search on the Internet with respect to those keywords. For this you can use different tools such as: SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool. Ahrefs. ubersuggest. Google’s own search engine (with its autocomplete or frequently ask questions function). The best tools for this are paid. If you want to work properly on your blog, you should invest in them or in a professional who has access to them, although you can start using the free part of some of them.

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Analyze what content you are interest in creating

From that keyword study,  content and others that are less interesting, or that have less to do with what you offer or want to promote. It is time to analyze what content you are interest in writing and what you singapore lead are not, or perhaps not at this time. And, above all, which of these contents will help you achieve your goals. Establish a frequency to follow of publication It is important that you define a publication frequency. Google likes that blogs always have fresh content, which can be both new content and updat content. Therefore, you must define a frequency that is easy for you to follow and allows you to create good content.

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