Growth Hacker The Growth Hacker is the professional whose purpose is to make the company for which he works grow as much as possible. Dates both indicat in the calendar and indicat in your business. I explain. If my brand is closely align with a specific day on the calendar , for example, the day of the Community Manager, I can write down that date on my calendar to create content on that topic on my blog. So I can plan well and among all the ideas I have for my blog, write something that is align with that day. Another example, if I am going to launch an infoproduct on January 25, to put a date, I must also write down that date in my itorial calendar to take it into account, because maybe.

I can publish some posts beforehand

That will help me with the launch to reach the right El Salvador WhatsApp Number List people and give it more diffusion. Obviously in this case you would have to do it earlier so that people have already seen the content that day, not publish it directly that day as you could do in the case of the Community Manager day. if you add infographics, images or videos. Having all this clear will make you create that content better without leaving anything interesting for the user. I like to write them in the afternoons because I tend to be more creative, so I dicate a couple of afternoons a month to write them all and thus have them ready for the publication date.

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Review and correct before publishing

It is important that before publishing it you review it and correct possible grammatical or spelling errors that you may have made. Some of them may escape you, especially in long texts that have many words. But if there are many errors it can give a bad image and users think. That it has been written in a hurry and without much attention. Use a spell checker, such as Word’s, if you write Singapore Lead them in that program.  One of the steps that is most often forgotten and that is one of the most important in my opinion is to analyze the results. If after publishing a content you do not analyze the main metrics, you will not be able to know if it has work correctly and is helping you achieve your goal or not.

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