Schüller found 11 analysis factors for creating an influencer ranking at PR-Blogger . 5. Select channels This means the form of contact. A comment on the blog often works wonders, links and likes don’t hurt, a personal dication in the review copy sent gives charming emphasis, and nothing beats a firm handshake at an event. The resilient network can also be ask for a favor by direct message via Twitter or in the Facebook chat. Is a letter really old school or not totally rare and beautiful nowadays? What is the best way to reach the influencers.

Exude empathy When designing

The content of the speech, it is important to put yourself in the position of the other person. What content and topics are of interest to him and his target group and could offer add value? Formulate precisely and Germany Phone Number List state the intention clearly – take into account the expectations of both sides. Do not immiately attach conditions to the project or make demands, but leave enough room. 7. Live authenticity Nobody has to be bent, but vice versa, nobody should be fool either. A little courage has to be found when making contact – coupl with a portion of creativity and the prospect of “unique” content, it will work out.

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Please never create a mass mailing list

Always choose an individual approach! Show that you have dealt with the person and their work. This requires a good deal of realistic self-assessment. It doesn’t always have to be the giants, after all Singapore Lead there are influencers in every industry and of all sizes. Where is your own target group cavorting? How far can and do I want to go? The cooperation simply has to fit. If only a few or none of these basic approaches are taken to heart, most requests will inevitably end up on the P tray (like the wastebasket).

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