Dance at several wdings. However, a clear trend can often be seen. Which format has the most followers and the greatest reach? What has caus many and above all positive reactions, what are the strengths of the influencer – not just thematically?! Tip : For a first orientation, it is worth taking a look at a common blog directory. Groups on Facebook or Xing, for example, can also provide information about who the most suitable protagonists are. Just make a target click – on competitor blogs or other platforms of potentially relevant influencers.

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To immerse yourself in the world of influencers for the first time or more easily: Bloggerei : According to their own statements, the newest, oldest, best, worst, coolest, most current, largest, smallest and most China Phone Number List well-known German blogs can be view there. Clearly arrang according to categories, ratings and tags. BuzzBird : This automat influencer marketing platform is committ to connecting the most influential social creators with reputable brands. However, due to the highly commercially orient concept, it should be treat with caution. ReachHero : Germany’s probably largest online marketplace for influencer marketing and product.

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The aim is to generate uncomplicat and tailor-made cooperation with a positive touch for both sides. Other: Video publishers, virtual reality nerds, Instagram Husbands and moving image advocates Singapore Lead will find help on the social web, as will laypeople and those willing to learn from other content niches. There is no end in sight, and completeness cannot be guarante at this point. 4. Create a ranking Once the potential leaders have been found, they have to be evaluat, screen and lin up. For example, it is important to set priorities when choosing a channel, to compare different characters and to subordinate them to your very personal goals.

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