Measuring will give you the certainty of how you are acting , if you have room for improvement or if you are doing everything perfectly. What is contactability and how is it measur? Contactability measures the number of successful contacts you ‘ve had in a campaign. The right contacts are those who have positive decision-making power over your call to action. It can be buying, contracting a service or filling out a form. If a contact is correct it means that it can or wants to carry out the action . To know the contactability of a campaign, a simple mathematical formula is us: Contactability = (correct contacts / register contacts) *100 There is no good and bad figure.

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Everal campaigns to be able to compare them and know how well or badly you have done. How to get good contactability To achieve good contactability there are several important factors that you must take New Caledonia Email List care of throughout the campaign. Probably the most important is the database you are going to use. If it is of quality and has a good segmentation, you will get a greater number of correct contacts. If your database is of sufficient quality , you will have a greater chance of getting your contacts right, which will translate into better sales or more lead capture and, therefore, better contactability. This term is vital to know the success of your campaigns , but it does not determine it. An action can be good or bad and it will not be because of contractibility.

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Come in handy afterwards. Send comment VoIP: what is this technology and what does it mean for your call center Aug 24, 2022 | Call centers | 0 Comments VOIP for call center Technology is changing many of the actions that are carri out on a day-to-day basis . Voice calls have not chang much for years and offer the same advantages and disadvantages. Today we will tell you what Singapore Lead VoIP is ,for your call center . The term may not sound too familiar to you, but it is very likely that in recent days you have us this technology to communicate. What’s more, currently 3% of world calls are made through VoIP technology . What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol , that is, a calling system over the Internet . The signal is no longer analog to be transport over the network through the IP protocol with digital data.

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