Nations and the international community has been the right approach to complement the Government’s own efforts, because we all want the same thing: an ocean with more fishand less trash.’Fagnavotse’: Establishing the foundations of an integrated social protection system in Madagascar’Fagnavotse is a Malagasy word meaning “rescue”. It is also a program that opened new perspectives for social protection in Madagascar. Beyond the positive impact it has had on the lives of some of the most left behind, including women and children in the South, the global and integrated nature of the program is a great innovation for social protection in the country. The Joint United Nations Program began in November with funding from the United Nations Joint Fund for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and support from the.

In line with the National Social Protection

Strategy, its general objective was to support the Government in strengthening its social protection system, which is characterized by important areas of exclusion. The core of the program was a package of complementary social protection interventions, including unconditional cash transfers and health insurance for formal and informal Switzerland WhatsApp Number List workers; gender violence prevention services and care for survivors; agricultural insurance; and livelihood activities. The integrated package was offered to the most vulnerable populations in three municipalities in the Amboasary district of southern Madagascar, an area severely affected by extreme poverty and highly vulnerable to natural hazards, including drought. Denise, a farmer and single mother of two, lives in Anjamahavelo village.

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The drought has lasted for several years and my

Land produces almost nothing. There are days when I could only offer my boys and girls one meal a day. Today, thanks to Fagnavotse, I have been able to open a small rice and bean business to meet our needs and build a new, slightly bigger house,” he says. A Malagasy woman appears on camera, surrounded by boys and girls. In front of a humble wooden USA Phone Number List house in the village of Amhamahavel, Madagascar. Caption. Denise surrounded by boys and girls, including her two little  Fagnavotse reached more than , beneficiaries, of which. Were women and girls, during the two years of implementation, a period that coincided with the most serious. Crisis that the South has experienced in the last four decades.

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