The cash transfers reached some , households, including more than , boys and girls. of the most vulnerable households were included in the non-contributory health protection plan, with full coverage of medical expenses. The new Legal Counseling and Counseling. Centers served more than , survivors of gender-based violence and abuse, while helping. The community and families resolve conflicts without resorting to gender-based and domestic violence. This offered greater stability to the boys and girls. More than , small farmers, of whom were women, benefited from agricultural insurance.

Beneficiary farmers were also trained

In good agricultural practices to address climate risks and provided with agricultural inputs and small tools. During my visit to the project sites in May , I also observed how financial literacy training increased the number of community savings Philippines WhatsApp Number List schemes, the majority of which were led by women. Among the boys and girls in households benefiting from the Fagnavotse programme. Are in school. In a district where a WFP survey showed that % of boys and girls dropped out of school to help their families. earch for food. demonstrating the virtuous circle created by the support provided to vulnerable households.

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In the early phases of the project it was

Challenge to establish synergies between all actions and interventions, especially with the arrival of COVID- in However, as Resident Coordinator. My role was to ensure that, from planning to execution, all of these interventions were fully integrated with each other. Given the implementation challenges, for example, in the case of the integration  the Vietnam Phone Number List entities to reflect and look for alternative approaches. Similarly, during my first field visit to the project site. With implementing entities in mid. I supported entities experiencing setbacks to accelerate their progress by leveraging the expertise of other partners, including WHO.

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