Who has played a key role in bringing together national actors.  of the Office of the Resident Coordinator to launch the Secretariat of this Partnership. The Blue Finance signing of the Blue Agenda Action Alliance on the sidelines of the G Leaders Summit, on November , Caption: The signing of the Blue Agenda Action Alliance on the sidelines of the G Leaders Summit, November , Clockwise: Valerie Julliand (UN Resident Coordinator in Indonesia) , Jodi Mahardi (Deputy Minister of Maritime Resources Coordination, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment) and Brian Dusza (Director of the USAID Indonesia Environment Office), who represented development partners at the signing ceremony.

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Indonesia And this is how organizations – government ministries, UN entities and development partners – agreed to join forces under the National Blue Agenda Actions Partnership . , which we signed with the Government of Indonesia and launched on the sidelines of the G Leaders Summit in Bali on November , Within the framework of this alliance, representatives of the United Nations, the government and development partners They Sweden WhatsApp Number List will all have a seat at the table to discuss project planning, financing and execution – identifying synergies and complementarities that would not have been possible under the old model of everyone focusing only on their own niche activities and objectives. UN entities collaborate and support various government entities that address different aspects of this problem.

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The Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission of

UNOPS will help support policy development on various aspects of a sustainable ocean-based economy. Within the  capacity development initiatives. The beneficiaries will be the millions of Indonesians who depend on the ocean. The ocean is an invaluable UK Phone Number List resource and the support of life on Earth as we know it. Absorbs almost a third of carbon emissions, moderating climate change; government is among the pioneers who have. Recognized that business as usual is not an option, and backs up its words with actions. Offering fishermen money to collect trash, launching projects to diversify and increase incomes for coastal communities rural areas. And passing new legislation to limit the amount of organic waste entering the ocean from fish farms.


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