What to look for in portrait photography Avoid distracting elements in focus Writing is distracting. A photo with a good composition automatically leads the viewer’s gaze to the right place and, in case of doubt, even lets them wander. Especially for portrait photography it is important that you are not distract by anything else in the picture. So if you want to focus the picture on your lov one, you should avoid putting billboards, posters or traffic signs in the picture section us. Always keep your eyes sharp Focus and portrait are two very good keywords for tip number 2. Even if they are not genetically locat there, the human eyes are nevertheless the center of the face for the viewer.

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Focus (focus) the camera on them. Especially with cameras with a touchscreen, which offer the possibility of focusing by touch, the mistake often occurs that you tap in the middle of the subject and the Guatemala Phone Number List camera selects the nose as the focus point. Since the eyes are lower in the face, there can be a blur here and thus an unconvincing end product. Use the available light It usually looks very ugly when there is a large dark shadow across the face. Not only does darkness ruce the actual quality of the recording, no, it also lets the center of the face just mention, i.e. the eyes, rece into the background.

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There are many sources of light in everyday life

In addition to the sun itself, of a window or even a light and reflective bright wall. Here it is important to let your imagination run wild and to experiment. Landscape photography Singapore Lead made easy(r). Add depth to your photos An old saying in photography says: “Foreground makes the picture healthy.” But what good does that do you if you’re standing in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and this is already the fantastic setting in the limelight? Quite simply: depth. Find an object like a wooden hut, a bush or an old canoe at the ge of a mountain lake and put it in the foreground of your composition. The select object does not have to be center in the middle of the image.

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