During the ss20 season . On the one hand. Therefore. It is important to invite the most follow influencers; on the other hand. You ne to consider which voices are most effective for your brand and. More importantly. For your target audience. Create a list. Considering the influencers and celebrities who have historically work best […]
traditional mia impact 81% of the mia impact value™ . In fact. Most of the placements (256 to be precise) are link to elodie’s total look . At the same time. However. The top post of the italian singer with 1.5 million followers shar one day before the start of the festival. Generates€134k of miv® […]
total black. Sequins and focus on emma marrone’s wet beauty look armani. Chosen by several protagonists of sanremo 2020. Including fiorello and rula jebreal . Dominates the ariston stage with classic elegance enrich by sequin and velvet work . Dark tones and declin differently depending on the context. Lead armani to place 3rd place for […]
analys. With a voice split which sees the celebrity voice represent by achille lauro in first place. With 58% . The “rock star” of the 2020 sanremo festival . Importance of Measuring Marketing Investments With a total of just 16 posts on his social channels. Generat a miv® of approximately €4m . The buzz generat […]
engagement comes from instagram which records the best top posts on the brand’s proprietary channel. Those together with mia kong. #meandmypeekaboo for fendi’s chinese new year together with the fendi baguette. The peekaboo confirms itself as one of the italian brand’s it bags. Born in 2008 with the fendi spring-summer 2009 collection. The fendi peekaboo […]
 The right influencers to collaborate with is crucial for successful social media marketing campaigns. This section discusses strategies for Intranet as an identifying and reaching out to influencers on social media. It covers topics such as influencer research tools, evaluating influencer authenticity, and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships.Social Media Marketing for Travel and Hospitality Business The […]
     View our best qulity blog Close sales by doing on our website. For any business logo. Design is one of your most prized possessions  Close sales by doing since it creates your brand identity, recognition, and recall. In terms of marketing, logos are the most commonly used commodities on almost all mediums. Be […]
  Planning is part of the routine Differences between of any healthy business. Therefore, As it helps make relevant decisions both in its initial stages and to ensure its continuity later. In addition, it offers great benefits. Meet them below! 1. More organized task execution By planning excellent activities. You will be able to organize […]
    A website builder is a tool that, as its What is Google AI chat name suggests. Therefore, Allows you to build websites, especially if you are not a programming specialist. If you work in the digital market. Or are taking the first steps, you must have already. Realized that having a good website […]

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