But with the web it is different, that’s why I explain it here. When you click on the button to connect your website, it will give you three options depending on the type of your website: If it’s WordPress , they have an official plugin that you can install on your website so they can track your visits. If it is Prestashop, Blogger or another technology , they will provide you with a JavaScript tag so that you can add it to the code of your web page. And lastly, if you can’t add that JavaScript code , they provide a tracking pixel for you to add to your web page.

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Is generat for you to add to the  emb in Bolivia Email List your website. How to analyze your social networks with Metricool? Once you have connect your social networks, you can go to the Analytics section of your brand and start seeing the results in each of the social networks. Metricool does this in a very visual way, so you can easily see how your social mia strategy is doing. In addition, you can select the period that you are interest in analyzing to focus on what you have done in that specific time. Keep in mind that each social network has different analytics.

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Here it is important that you not only analyze the data that it gives you, but that you understand that data. That you go further and see why you are getting that data and what you could do to improve it. How to program Singapore Lead  your social networks with Metricool? In the top center menu, go to Planning . In this tab we have three different options: Calendar , where you will see the current week and the posts you have schul for that week. History , where you can see posts that have already been publish on your social networks.

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