You already know what you are going to sell and to whom. Important: that it is reflected in the name and logo. Both one and the other should be easy to recognize, attractive and, of course, impossible to forget. Bet on something simple, since it will be easier to remember. Share the name with your family and friends, see what they think, and at some point you can hire a graphic designer to help you create a unique logo. Once you have decided on the name of your business, check that there is no company with that name out there. If that’s the case, take a pen and paper and think of another variant.

When you have everything ready

you can congratulate yourself for two reasons: having created a unique proposal and having established the objectives and financial aspects of your business. If you want to break into a new field or want to change the direction of your career, take a look at our blog.

You have already organized your Whatsapp Mobile Number List desk rests a small pile of embossed business cards. But be careful, don’t be in a hurry. If you’ve decided to go solo, there are still certain financial and legal considerations you should consider. Here is a step-by-step guide on the formal part of setting up a business:

1. Open a business account : a business account will allow you to keep separate your personal expenses and the profits and expenses of your company. It’s a great way to manage accounting, all from the same place. N26 offers a complete free business account.

How to set up your own business

Whatsapp Mobile Number List

Four of the eleven countries analyzed still do not have tax refund rules for teleworking. And if they do, they have to be negotiated with the employer. This is the Singapore Lead case in spain, where there is no specific. Regulation on teleworking but companies are held responsible for compensating employees. Companies are required by law to provide or cover the full costs .Of tools or equipment necessary for their employees to telework.

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