In this way, it is very important that the UX Design professional investigate. Carry out tests and more tests to collaborate in the growth objectives of your business. Impact people in a positive way. Talk to one of our UX design experts Pillars of a good UX Design To ensure that your company offers a good user experience, you must put yourself in the shoes of the consumer during the construction of the project. We have separat some questions that can guide you in this process: How will this product help people. What it has to do. What kind of functionality should it have.

What should be left out

The product so as not to unnecessarily complicate its use. What is relevant or not in this context. What is the hierarchy of information, that is. What are the most important elements. What would be the most Uzbekistan Email List intuitive way to structure the information. What triggers can help the user through the process. How to make screens more intuitive for people. The main focus is to make it easy for the user to use your product. For this, the UX Designer nes to think: In the nes of this user. What is he looking for in your product, what are the main weak points, etc.; In the usability of the product, because it is useless to have the best solution for the client if the product does not work or presents many barriers for the user.

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In charm and satisfaction

After all, the design must be pleasant and friendly, and offer assertiveness in the solution. Difference between UX design and UI design ui_design_design_schema Unlike UX Design, which deals with user experience, UI Design does interface concepts and testing. UI Design, or Interface Design, works on prototyping, that is, it creates low and high fidelity versions to Singapore Lead validate tests. This means that UI Design works on one of the UX Design fronts, as UX is more responsible for research and data analysis to ensure a highly effective product. UI designers are also responsible for developing voice and screen interfaces, thinking about usability and also the appearance of each project.

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