I came across an interesting book by. I listen to. A year ago it was Why We Sleep , this year the book “So Good They Don’t Miss You” by Cal Newport. Her idea is that one should not seek happiness at work, but create it by how one approaches work. And when I look back on my work career , it makes sense. So let’s get to it. Why not follow your passion Because it’s not a good way. in his famous speech, he himself did not follow it. He wasn’t a fan of technology, but he saw an opportunity with Steve Wozniak and took it – and gradually. Fell in love with his work at Apple in the form of building products that make people’s lives easier. That work enthusiasm nes time – if you do meaningless work and neither she nor you improve, you will never like that kind of work.

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The process of training a new Indonesia Phone Number List colleague to the company, the process creating a new advertising campaign, the process of deploying new products, the process of setting up a new email account, etc. FAQ The last fragment of the knowlge base is the frequently askd questions alias FAQ (= frequently askd questions). If you have a well-organize information and process database, then you could probably do without this component, but I still recommend having it. The FAQ is mainly for (new) people in your company or co-workers.

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Certain things over and over again. There is no nee to limit yourself to only the most frequent questions, but at the same time you can use the FAQ as a place for more general information such as Singapore Lead how the company was foundd, what is the content of which department, who to contact if something happens, or why we do this this way and not otherwise. Or for things significantly more complicate – for example, such an extensive scheme of e-mailing marketing including all connections. Know that the more things you explain like this, the more time (not only yours) you will save in the future.

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