These chats are safe, all phone numbers are hidden from everyone in the chat. These chats have been us by some communities for “Ask me anything” or “Q&A” days. Community members send their questions, and they are answer in the chat. Pro tip: The FC Barcelona community uses Hidden-number chats for members to send in questions to their “Q&A with a Soccer Star” days. Turn on Hidden-number chats: Open the community info screen > turn ON Receive private messages. We’ve given you the tools, now’s the time to get out there and be that superstar community admin you always knew you were! New to communities? Check out our other blogs in this series: Get start with your very own Viber community.

Your time to shine

Manage, grow and engage a Viber community! Community Insights: Measure the success of your community Master your community: New ways to add members & more Download Features Communities Security Ukraine WhatsApp Number List Viber Out Blog FEATURES & TIPS SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 Create your own stickers and express yourself perfectly By Michal Bauernfreund Stickers are simply the best way for us to express ourselves in a chat, and billions of stickers are sent in chats on Viber every month. Take expressing yourself to the next level with the expressions that really say it for you and create your own sticker packs. We are thrill to announce that you can design and create your own sticker packs right inside the Viber app.

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Send stickers starring your face

Your favorite sayings, people, places and more. Wow your friends with your creativity in every sticker you make. Start creating your pack by opening the sticker creator. From the sticker market. Sticker Singapore Lead menu inside any chat, or simply take the photo you are about. To send in a chat and instantly turn it into a timeless sticker. Stickers can be anything you want them to be, for example, your gang of friends saying what they always say, a souvenir of your last holiday. A special pack for a big event coming up. You decide – it’s your sticker pack! Create your stickers Now you know what is going in the pack, give it a name so you can find it again and again.

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