We will also feature licens partner content, including stories from one of the largest eBooks retailers in the world, Rakuten Kobo, and their self-publishing platform Kobo Writing Life. Shorts are the new way to read stories when you have a spare minute in your day. Read Shorts now for free on Android and iPhones. Just download Viber from the AppStore or Google Play and choose any Short to dive right in. egCat and Lola are back – bigger and better than ever! By Michal Bauernfreund Our belov Viber characters – Legcat, Lola, Frdie and friends – are back in these perfect new packs that are simply the best additions to your chats.

Strike it rich stickers are pure gold

Leg Cat and Lola have made it big, and are really embracing the good life. Add a little bit of bling to your chats with these luxury stickers. Get the pack now: Make a good impression – every time Frdie the Uruguay WhatsApp Number List Fox puts on the charm in this pack. Take advantage of his sweet-talking skills, and send these stickers to your special people to show them just how much you care. Get the pack now:Say how you really feel We just love the way LegCat can tell you exactly how he feels with just a look! Whatever the occasion, LegCat has nail the perfect facial expression or body language.

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These stickers will help you make

Your feelings extra clear. Get the pack Be your best self Lovely Lola really knows what she wants from life. In this pack she is living her life to the fullest. Whether you are feeling on top of the world, or just that Singapore Lead little bit embarrass.  Regular videos sent in the chat will play automatically (without sound), bringing the chat screen to life. Give it a try! Be interactive  in the community. Polls are a great way to achieve this. Ask your members a question, and have them vote by tapping on the  button next to a set of answers. Pro tip: The 90min Fanvoice community regularly uses polls on top of pictures. Videos and GIFs, to get members’ views on the most recent football news.

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