Develop the strategies that you will follow There are many strategies that you can follow within Instagram and it is time for you to define which ones you will implement. You must take into account the different channels that exist within Instagram (reels, stories, fe and direct) when defining what actions will be implement in each channel and also knowing what strategies you want to work on (content strategy , marketing with influencers , collaborations , etc.). If you are just starting out, it is best to make a calendar to implement strategies.

In this way you will not be overwhelm

With a lot of workload at the beginning and you will be able to analyze the strategies separately to see which ones help you the most to achieve your goals. Define your content pillars If you have a business, clearly Maldives Email Lists the topic that you will deal with will be one in which you are an expert: in the sector of your brand. Bas on that sector, you can create the content pillars of your Instagram account. These content pillars are like different general themes that you are going to deal with in your account to achieve your goals. For example, in most accounts there are two pillars that for me are basic.

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Your product or service

In my case, it would be the strategy in social networks or marketing on Instagram. Your brand. In my case, it would be my personal brand, my values ​​and my professional path. Ideally, you should define 3 or 4 content pillars step. Choose content categories With those content pillars already defin, you must develop the categories that will go within each pillar. For example, in Singapore Lead my Instagram marketing pillar I can talk about different categories such as Instagram stories. Instagram news, reels, tools for Instagram, etc. In this way, you can further develop each content pillar and then better focus each of the content you create. Define your visual identity On Instagram, the visual part is very important because in the end it is what.

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