United Nations activities in Timor-Leste over a -year period and provided a platform to focus attention on jointly addressing key development challenges, aligning priorities and avoiding duplication. Secondly , as a result of this improved coordination, the. Government’s involvement in the joint work of the United Nations has increased, especially through the involvement of the Cooperation Framework Joint Steering Committee. In which the main relevant. Ministries, the United Nations and civil society. Through this mechanism, joint programming between the United. Nations and national authorities has been expanded, and the Government. Has taken a leading role in promoting progress in the six strategic areas of the Cooperation Framework. To address the. Issue of malnutrition and food security, for example, one of Timor. Leste’s most persistent development. Challenges, national leaders are coming together with representatives from civil society, the private sector and community groups to support the movement.

For the promotion of nutrition  Scaling Up

Nutrition movement , in English). In early December , UN Under-Secretary-General and Movement Coordinator Gerda Verburg will visit Timor. Leste to discuss with this coalition of partners new ways to achieve nutrition goals and address stunting. of boys and girls. Timor-Leste’s position on the issue of education and training has also been Latvia WhatsApp Number List strengthened. This year, Timor-Leste, together with other countries around the world, participated in the Transforming Education Summit , held in New York in September For many years, there has been much discussion about the quality of education , from early childhood development to primary, secondary and tertiary education. Although we have not yet seen how the commitments made by the Government of.

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Timor-Leste and its partners to improve the

Quality of education in the country will be implemented, there is much evidence that the country now has a clear “plan to address this challenge.Outgoing Timor-Leste Resident Coordinator Roy Trivedy kneels with a sign to encourage handwashing during COIVD- Caption: Outgoing Timor-Leste Resident Coordinator Roy Trivedy has led the United Thailand Phone Number List¬†Nations country team to scale up the Government’s response to COVID. Including by encouraging preventive measures such as handwashing. Photoin. Timor-Leste. Third. Timor-Leste’s of Nations), which has been hailed by leaders of all the country’s political parties as a major step forward in shaping the country’s future.

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