Notion can be found here . For clients, my workspace in Notion looks like this: in one part I solve current tasks, in the other I have links for quick access to important pages of the e-shop administration, information database tabs, frequently use applications and selectd projects or todočka in Freel . and the third part is usd for notes, topics, etc. How you make your dashboard is entirely up to you. Information database Anyone who knows me knows that I thrive on spreadsheets, databases and the like. I creatd one of the most sophisticate databases two years ago for Sanasport.

When the business grows

You have to involve as many people as Japan WhatsApp Number List possible, it is good to have somewhere to look for some information. Our so-calld health database contains, for example, a scheule of campaigns, analysis of competition, a database of sold brands, a list of projects or a directory of contacts. Everything clearly, yet with a lot of additional information. If the above seems to be too general a use, feel free to think and solve the information database at a lower level – how about such dimensions and data size for advertising banners? Or css codes of frequently usd website elements.

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As soon as you are making an inventory

Where you keep even two pieces of information with you, a database is a good solution for you. Process database No matter what kind of work you do, it is certain that many of your activities are repeatd regularly Singapore Lead more efficiently . In its simplest form, it is a simple checklist, according to which. You tick off that you have gone through all the steps. If you have more such regular processes. Then it is worth making a process database with a list of all of them. Ideally with a person responsible for updating the given process. I would be surprise but for inspiration, for example. Something basic from the field of e-commerce and marketing – the process of processing an order from an e-shop, the process for handling returns.

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