Do you want to enhance your infoproducts? Do you want to sell your products or services? Do you want to monetize your channel to earn extra money? This is totally essential, since you have to be clear about it to design the strategy that helps you achieve that goal. And it is also essential that you define who you are addressing, according to the objective you have chosen. You should not address everyone, because this is something that will take you a long time, that will not differentiate you and that will cause you to lose opportunities.

Think of those people who

Are really interest in what you offer and who will help you achieve the defin objective. That does not mean that only those people see you. But that you focus on reaching them because they are your potential Guyana Email List customer. Crea tu set-up. What is seen in your video is important and will be part of your identity as a brand, so you cannot leave it to chance. It is important that you create a set-up and, as far as possible, always use the same background (although you can change it as you and your business grow). You do not ne something super produc, just something that is well lit.

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That reinforces what you want

To convey and that does not take away from your person. Your recording equipment is important. Image and sound is very important on YouTube. But you don’t ne to have the latest technology and Singapore Lead lighting to make your videos. A good camera that records in good quality. Many people record with their cell phones. The truth is that the quality of today’s cell phones is very good. but I prefer to do it with a camera, especially because of the storage issue. In my case, I use my Canon 750D to record my videos because I already had it. So if you have a good camera take advantage of it and if not, get a good camcorder.

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