Its use is immiate or very short term. What is Intent Data The Intent Data are data sets extract from potential customers that, well treat, can prict very close behaviors. The analysis of this data is bas on the behavior and searches carri out on the Internet. The Intent Data is specializ in detecting behaviors in very advanc phases of the funnel , which is why they manage to multiply the response by 5 . We are going to put an example: You are Samsung and you have two potential clients; Juan, passionate about technology; and Ana, a user who uses the computer to work.

Juan will always be on your list

Of possible buyers , when, most likely, he will not buy any soon. Ana, on the other hand, is having problems with hers. She is searching and looking at offers on the Internet. The Intent Data is capable of detecting Ana’s Samoa Email List behavior and placing her above Juan when it comes to showing him offers from her. Without analyzing the Intent Data Juan will always be above Ana , since he is passionate about technology with more computer searches than Ana. Types of Intent Data that exist There are two types of Intent Data: own (First-Party) and third-party (Thrid-Party).

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Both are important

But have different meanings. First-Party: are those collect by your own database. They are free and can be extract from your website, from customer service, etc. Thrid-Party: are those that collect specializ to other companies. In this case, they are not free and you must take into account factors such as the quality of the company and compliance with privacy and data Singapore Lead laws. Send comment Your email address will not be publish. Mandatory fields are mark with * Personaliz messages and SMS Marketing Jul 13, 2022 | Innovation , Telemarketing | 0 Comments Personaliz messages and SMS marketing According to Gartner, companies that in 2018 had invest in personalization would sell 20% more than those that had not. Personaliz messages are the key to success for SMS Marketing campaigns.

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