They are only looking for arguments and reading materials that discuss why hudud law is not suitable for implementation, why the scholars have been wrong in this regard, and voice other issues that are said to be more important such as economic stability.

As a result, individual B continues to believe and increasingly supports what he has believed all along. For him, this is a more important jihad.

We can see how much confidence is held by these two parties until there is a split in the country’s political landscape.

People see what they want to see hear what they like

Changing thoughts is more difficult Whatsapp Mobile Number List than we think.
The more you are convinced that you know something well, the more you will filter out and ignore all other information that contradicts your beliefs.

We can see this pattern of thinking for almost any topic.

If you have just bought a Honda Civic car and you believe it is the best car on the market, then you will naturally read all the articles you can find about the car, praising it.

And at the same time, if there is a magazine listing another car as the best choice, you will reject it and assume that the editor of the magazine is wrong from what you value in a car.

It is not common for us as normal human beings to test every thing whether it is right or wrong.

Instead, we are more likely to draw our own conclusions, assume they are correct and find information we believe to support them.

Most people don’t want new information, they just want to confirm information they already believe.

Challenging beliefs that have proved us wrong all along This is human nature

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It’s not fun to think that we’ve been Singapore Lead wrong all along.

And no human wants to appear defeated.

It is quite unpleasant to read a book that challenges our political beliefs.

Or remember the criticism of our favorite football team.

Sometimes we find it very difficult to accept how followers of other religions try to interfere in our religious affairs.

Is this wrong? Nope.

We also have the right to defend what we believe in, because life is not based solely on logic.

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