Your corporate identity will be unmistakable. 2. Authenticity creates trust Buying online is a matter of trust. Of course, you can also create trust in a product or service – through factual arguments, reviews, guarantees. But behind every product, every service there is a person. The customer must be able to rely on these people. Allowing the customer to get to know you a little will increase their trust . It is precisely this trust bonus that can tip the scales and decide between buying and not buying. 3. 4. (For some, trust goes so far that they “blindly” make and share positive reviews.

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Even irresponsible. does not offer any incorrect or even completely wrong information. All of this is part of the so-call channel promise– or at least it should be. From the blogger’s perspective: When you Malta Phone Number List start blogging, you don’t have confidence in yourself and your writing skills. The more you write, the more confidence you will have . Then, when the first comment comes, you have regular readers, you want to keep your readers’ trust by trying to provide good content on a regular basis. Don’t betray that trust by just writing anything just to get an article publish. Less is more. Then share an interesting article if you don’t have any inspiration at the moment. Lisa-Alexa Kopka made this point in her article What’s Better? Content production or content distribution brought up.

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The trust of potential customers and keep the trust of existing customers. But as soon as there is a problem , trust is test. Then what do I expect? Firstly accessibility. Unfortunately, it’s often a Singapore Lead problem… After all, who doesn’t know this: You get an automatic reply to e-mails with confirmation of receipt and a promise to get back to you soon. That doesn’t help you at the moment. Or you’re stuck on hold for ages on the hotline, and when you finally reach someone, the clerk doesn’t have the necessary knowlge or skills to solve your problem.

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