The managing director Anita Freitag-Meyer of the Verden biscuit and waffle factory Hans Freitag wrote publicly on the website about a product recall trigger by the suspicion of metal bodies in products and was on all channels for the weekend Replies to comments available. This is not only fair and responsible to the target group, but ideally also regains some of their trust more quickly. Building trust is a lengthy process that is usually not immune to one or two setbacks. So we often enjoy a certain amount of trust – provid we have made a good first impression.

But in case of doubt

This is quickly us up again. In this respect, building trust is ultimately always bas on intensive and sincere relationship work . Anything else would be arbitrary and superficial. If you want to create a basis for trust, you Morocco Phone Number List have to give yourself as you are, ie be genuine and authentic. Keep your promises or don’t promise anything that you can’t keep in the foreseeable future. invest a lot of time in communication so that you can get to know each other better. be open and honest and respond constructively to any criticism. Jochen Mai puts all this in a nutshell in his article ” Building trust: The 5 basic rules of trust.

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And what is the value of trust

It should have become clear long ago that trust is also a valuable asset for companies. A value in itself that can tip the scales economically. However, it doesn’t fall into your lap. Rather, it is important to gradually build up trust and then, if you please, to live up to the resulting, justifi expectations. Both from an ethical point of view by assuming responsibility towards Singapore Lead its target group and in the form of entrepreneurial self-responsibility . That’s not always easy. Trust is a value in itself for companies.TWEET But trust once plac on the basis of mutual respect is ultimately far too valuable to be carelessly jeopardiz.

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