Large, data is sensitive and protecting it is essential for decision making. After all, the confidentiality of information guarantees the success of the institution. However, when the company suffers cyberattacks, in addition to becoming more vulnerable, this action can lead to the loss or theft of data relat to finances and legal matters, not to mention the information of third parties, such as customers and employees. Data can be hack and attack in countless ways. Therefore, betting on safe techniques and actions is always an excellent option.

What is phishing

From the English term, the word Congo Email List phishing was defin due to its great similarity with the word fishing, which has the meaning of fishing. This idea brings with it the practice of “fishing”, whose purpose for these criminals is to fish for information and personal data from users through attractive materials consider false. Unlike spam, being junk mail with numerous unwant advertisements, phishing is one of the scams that has been going on for many years and is well known to Internet users. Therefore, we can define it as any malicious action that occurs through cybercriminals.

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Whose objective is to apply

Scams through telecommunications to obtain confidential data from the victims, who can be a company or an individual. The company and users become phishing baits via email, phone or SMS text Singapore Lead messages. this contact does not seem dangerous at all, since the offender adopts genuine communication techniques, the aim of which is to attract and induce action head-on. Little by little, this user passes all his information to the thief, from passwords, crit card numbers, bank details to others that may be consider confidential. From this, after sharing, they are violat and suffer the crime of false identity.

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