People with disabilities, it was important for the United Nations System to find ways to collaborate with Government partners and ensure they had better tools and understanding of how to establish and implement policies that would fulfill commitments and lead to concrete change for people with disabilities.” Placing disability inclusion at the . Center of planning in Sierra Leone Three men sit around a table wearing masks near a wall with windows. Caption: UN Resident Coordinator Babatunde Ahonsi talks to Sierra Leonean Paralympian George Wyndham about implementing the SDGs.

Through this process, the United

Nations has learned the great value of engaging with the disability movement, improving representation and ensuring that all pillars of a social protection system are reviewed through a disability inclusion lens. disability. Social assistance is an element Italy Phone Number List that allows for the full and equal participation of people with disabilities in social and economic life, while, ultimately, it is inclusion in the labor market that will lead to the ful. Similarly and equal participation of people with disabilities. people with disabilities in social and economic life . Similarly said Najat Rochdi, the UN Resident Coordinator.

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During the World Disability Summit , the

Development Coordination Office (DCO) affirmed its commitment to make the OCD and the Resident Coordinator System (RCS) inclusive of persons with disabilities to contribute to the realization of the Agenda the. Similarly Convention on the . Similarly Rights of. Similarly Persons with Disabilities and other globally agreed commitments. Additionally, the Development Coordination Office committed to taking steps to promote an inclusive and accessible workplace Mexico Phone Number List for persons with disabilities in the Resident Coordinator System and to support the broader United Nations. System through the Institutional Operations Strategy. Business Operations Strategy . To foster common services that promote inclusive and accessible work environments for. Persons with disabilities among the United Nations country teams in. Partnership with persons.  With disabilities and organizations that they represent them. For more information about the Global Disability Summit and the commitments made, visit.

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