I had What could I write to my email been on sick leave for the first time due to exhaustion. Funny, because I had been in permanent employment for less than a year. Something in this life was off.​​ As usual , I was looking through the shelves of drooping books when suddenly the text “4-hour work week” caught my eye.  That book changed my life forever. Now I knew what I wanted. I wanted to achieve a 4-hour work week and free up time for the things I want to do. Yesterday, this same thing came up in our From Bloggaaja to Professional™ Facebook community. I wasn’t able to participate in yesterday’s discussion, which turned out to be really interesting.  4 hours working and the rest of the time sitting under a palm tree sipping margaritas is very appealing .

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Especially when Finnish summers are what they are. Winter, snow, frost and ice are as attractive to me as cleaning up vomit from the floor. But latest database the reality behind that “4-hour work week” idea is something completely different. ​​​​​​​​​​Let’s go a few years. From September to November 2013, I worked full-time at the bank. On the weekends, I taught my child at home. Three months without a single day off. On December 31, 2013, I walked to occupational health and collapsed. I couldn’t take it anymore. In January 2014, I decided that this was no longer the life I wanted to live. I want to be close to my children, to help and support them if (or when) they need me. , I found the book The 4-Hour Work Week by chance and read it again. From there the thought started. For me, a 4-hour work week is not laziness For me it is a necessity to be able to teach my child at home again.

Around the same time

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He does not want to go to school because he is very afraid of bullying. In addition to homeschooling, I need Singapore Lead time when I take my children 2-3 days a week to Kuopio for nepsy rehabilitation, psychotherapy and family counseling. Time that my employer would never have agreed to if I was currently working as a temporary worker. ​ Time that I wouldn’t be able to free up if I stuck to the idea typical of an entrepreneur that work is done 14 hours a day and everything is done by myself. Also read this: What is Blogger to Professional™ and how does it benefit you? There are 24 hours in a day. In order not to tire myself too much, as in the fall of 2013, it is necessary for me to outsource part of my work to other professionals. Digitization makes it possible to hire help both from Finland and abroad.

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