But it is not the quantity that determines the number of readers, but the passion with which the author or blogger writes his text. But passion and creativity take time. If you constantly work at the top level in the hope of becoming successful faster, both passion and creativity will soon fall by the wayside. That’s why I advise bloggers – especially in the B2B sector – the opposite: write long, well-found texts and don’t post too much. Better to stand out with quality than quantity. It’s already loud enough out there. But the basic idea of ​​a blog is freom, which consists not only in blogging thematically self-determin, but also in being able to freely determine the periods in which this happens. It doesn’t help anyone if you end up in a blogger burnout.

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Life balance; and this can also be read in Thailand Phone Number List the text. The message is clear: anyone who gets caught in the blogging hamster wheel. Destroys more than they can build.  Just down a gear. What begins as a hobby with fun and enthusiasm for many people can turn into the opposite. The easy-going blog becomes a self-commitment, and self-commitment becomes a scourge. On the one hand, you damage your reputation with rather miocre posts. On the other hand, the community is disappoint and constraints arise.

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Advises against such “bite content”: is that you should publish a lot and in chunks. I don’t think much of that, however, because with this strategy you run the risk of simply producing rundant Singapore Lead content about the topic XY, which also only scratches the surface. In some cases this may still be successful, but I personally don’t think it makes sense, especially in B2B content marketing. Readers want well-found information in order to be able to make strategic decisions. That doesn’t work if I only put 350 to 400 words in the article and hit it with a keyword. And no decision-maker sits down and collects all the bits and pieces of content that together might result in a long article.

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