Type your reply, press send, and everyone will get the context of your message. #KeepTheChatGoing When a video makes you laugh, or you read some big news, don’t keep it to yourself. Forward up to 25 messages to up to 10 chats at one time, and share the fun with your friends. Easy! Boost your chats Video autoplay brings your chats come to life! Videos will until you want to watch them. Send awesome photos in your chats at maximum quality. Choose the quality in: More > Settings > Mia > Photo Quality Meet new people Communities connect you with people who love the same things you do.

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Send private messages to other members, even if you don’t know them. Chats between community members are extra private – your phone numbers are hidden in the chat. Hidden-number chats, it’s in the name! Start a UAE WhatsApp Number List Hidden-number chat with another community member now. Make yourself local If you are constantly on the move, with a virtual US, UK, or Canada phone number. Every local number comes with unlimit incoming calls and SMS, and the ability to reply to numbers in that country! Pick your number now: More > Viber Local Number Your Privacy, Your Power: Viber’s Updat Privacy Policy By Viber Team.

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Your privacy is close to your heart

Our commitment at Viber is to protect it every time we make any change to the app, big or small. We’ve updat our terms and policies to reflect new, exciting updates on the app. As part of our efforts to be transparent, read Singapore Lead the summary of what we add to our terms to make sure you are on top of everything going on: More control of your privacy choices We are committ to ensuring that you always feel in control of your privacy on Viber. Every new feature that could impact on your privacy has an inbuilt way for you to control it. When you set up your Viber account you provide your name, so that other people can identify you when they are chatting with you.

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