Dicate to blogs is Mium, which stands out for its simple and intuitive design. However, other options have emerge that follow the same path, including the prominent Telegraph, which belongs to the Telegram messaging application. Telegraph vs Mdium. What is the difference between them? To know everything that changes between one option and another, we are going to prepare a list with all the characteristics to take into account. There is no one better than another, we already told you that, but surely, after knowing its strengths and weaknesses, you will end up finding your favorite option to write blogs online.

The best it has It is so minimalist

That it surprises here are no distractions and Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List all you have to . process compar to Mium. Viewing through Telegram is very well integrat, maintaining the aesthetics of the application without having to load a browser, we just have to touch and start reading. In addition to the text, Telegraph stands out for the possibility of adding multimia content such as GIFs or videos , even text in other formats, an addition that makes reading more enjoyable. Mium: load with good things It has a section that shows us those texts that are like the most on the platform , which gives it a social touch, while in Telegraph that does not exist.

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To make writing easier

It offers us a mobile app, perfect to continue writing at any time and place. To multiply the options, for some time Mium has been undergoing improvements, even adding the option to schule a Singapore Lead publication. Origins of Telegraph To find out where Telegraph comes from we have to go far back in time. Although it is now when it is becoming more popular and many people are encourage to use it, it was born in 2016, when the Telegram platform began to spread its wings and show that WhatsApp had a new rival worldwide. post telegraph As soon as he introduc himself.

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