The cash flow of these Cash Cows. It could achieve greater results by optimizing production and logistics processes, perhaps diversifying product designs, or launching new lines of relat products (accessories, modules, etc.). Interrogation (dining tables) Products in Doubt require further analysis before being includ or cut altogether. In the example of dining tables, investing in […]
Every day. You probably come across a website that promotes a product or service from another company. It may be because it’s so good that it deserves to be shoute about. But more often than not it’s down to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to create a new revenue stream for a […]
September Some of the digital products goals: 1. Time management  at the moment. Course reform, marketing and sales, writing blog posts and emails and my son’s Homeschool fill the days really talentedly. So I try to manage my time by setting small goals and making to-do lists so that a) I don’t forget anything I’ve […]

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