This helps them get new customers and keep the ones they already have. By knowing who their customers are and what makes them special. Businesses can create a brand that people recognize and trust. They can use pictures and words that look and sound the same every time they talk about their business. They can […]
In light of the recent World Disability Summit, where world leaders came together to agree and commit to what needs to be done to ensure the realization of the rights of people with disabilities, let us take a moment to reflect on the For a more contributions that UN country teams and partners are making […]
In this context, the recovery from the pandemic opens an opportunity. Hope is already on the horizon in the form of a vaccine. But there is no vaccine for the planet. Nature needs a rescue. As we overcome the pandemic, we can also avoid climate cataclysm and restore our planet. This is an epic test […]
To start creating your own base, the easiest way to create it will probably be mind maps (I use Simplemind, Whimsical is also great ). Proce from the core of your business to more breadth and depth, and then try to assign (database, process, FAQ, or anything else meaningful you can think of). Mind map […]

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