As the first concrete initiative to emerge from the SDG Leadership Lab, the hackathon allowed us to test our new tools. We apply the notion of “sensing”, a term used by those responsible for the workshop to refer to the process of externalizing the focus of our perception, from inside to outside the organization itself (physically speaking) in order to access the less visible elements of a system. . By applying “sensing” and reconnecting with what they called our “source of motivation”, when a small group of change agents commit to a shared purpose, we can work more closely and lay the foundation to implement our new ideas. Guinea was one of countries where United Nations officials gathered to participate in SDG labs last year. The program continues at a good pace. We hope that colleagues elsewhere will gain similar benefits to what we are enjoying here.
Aboard the ForesightSHIP towards the future of Cape Verde: a journey like no other.

With eyes wide open and full of curiosity the

Passengers board the imaginary cruise ship. Each of them had received an invitation and a mysterious dossier with the “travel documentation” for their destination, which included an analysis of the country and a guide to the wonders and dangers of the adventure that awaited them. Most intriguing of all was what was written on the boarding pass itself: departure point Praia, ..port of arrival: Praia ! The mysterious boarding pass for a cruise to the Iran WhatsApp Number List future. Caption: Before starting the workshop, participants received the mysterious boarding pass for their cruise to the future. Photo: © UN Cape Verde Aware that the Agenda for Sustainable Development would require a significant break with the business-as-usual approach to development planning, the Government of Cape Verde joined forces with the.

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United Nations country team, led by

Ana Graça, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations, to organize a “cruise to the future” visioning exercise to help design the National Development Plan – and the United Nations Cooperation Framework for Sustainable Development – (UNSDCF). The workshop, which took place in Praia, Cape Verde, last month, brought together more than participants from government, civil society, the private sector and academia to exchange ideas on Philippine Phone Number List a future UNSDCF strategy. United Nations Resident Coordinator for Cape Verde, Ana Graça, listens (left) as participants discuss ways to improve strategic foresight during the listens (left) as participants discuss ways to improve strategic foresight during the workshop that simulates a not just a creative stunt, but is part of the broader approach of the UN country team and the Government of Cape Verde to inject transformative thinking into development planning.

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