I haven’t found everything yet, but I found a few expenses that were worth removing. These include e.g. Dropbox and the GoToWebinar webinar program. Total savings of €118.99 / month. More expenses will be cut as the annual payments begin to approach. July sales: Online coaching €991.55 Affiliate and partnership marketing commissions €136.89 Personal coaching €940.48 A total of €2068.92 July expenses: Expenses via credit card €1,222.57 *  (accounting office, yelp, insurances, internet, etc.) €1,732.27 ** €100.00 to the fund Partners’ commissions €3,049.58 Taxes €448.14 Service fees €21.13 Content production €494.76 Total expenses: €7,068.45 Final result cable training platform, Lead Pages , Active Campaign , Dropbox , Picmonkey, Canavan images , plane tickets, hotel reservations and other incidental expenses are charged from the credit card. In July, e.g. insurance premiums, Finn Vera’s loan reduction and YEL, which increased the pile of bills.

Expenses received as invoices total

August  normalize. During August, I did a mini-launch of one course, which was a great success. The mini-launch lasted 8 days and was new database implemented through an email list and a blog. In the mini-launch, the average sales conversion of the email list was 32.39%, compared to 0.7% via the blog. It goes without saying why I recommend every blogger and entrepreneur to build an email list. Example: Email list size 1000, email opening rate 65%, product for sale August expenses: Expenses via credit card images , plane tickets, hotel reservations and other incidental expenses are charged from the credit card. *** Course refund from the May pilot course Statistics 11/2015 – 09/2017 The table below has been converted to quarters. In November, the company has been in operation for 2 years, so monthly statistics would make the table a really small mess.

After the summer holidays sales started to

July-September sales are an estimate, as September is only at the beginning. The sales that are already known have been added to September. I track sales on a daily basis Singapore Lead and add the sales to the spreadsheet program every day. I will take the final sales figures from the account statement at the beginning of October. The biggest income from course sales comes through Stripe (credit card) and Checkout (online banking credentials). Checkout every Thursday. In this way, I can predict at all times how many sales will be credited to the company’s account. performance reports The core of my business consists of selling my own digital products, affiliate and partnership marketing. Training and personal coaching. sales tunnels , in which case the income is almost entirely passive.

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