With the autoplay function, the video starts without any action. But so that people don’t just keep scrolling, the first few seconds have to be particularly banging, and purely visually, because the videos on Instagram start without sound. volume When the videos start automatically, the sound is mut. This has two major consequences: On the one hand, the video must be captivating in the first few seconds, and without using the sound. On the other hand, the video must still contain sound, because if the viewer taps on the video to activate it, this effort should be reward somehow. So a double-g sword.

Remember the silent movie style example above

The video can also be understood Czech Republic Phone Number List without the sound, the design in silent film style immiately catches the eye, and if the sound is activat, there is music typical of the genre. This balancing act has to be master. Ideally, the old rule applies to video production anyway: Show – don’t tell! Instagram forces you to do it. The other example, the symposium, formats The traditional Instagram format has an aspect ratio of 1:1 – so it’s square. This applies to photos as well as to videos and thus pursues a very specific purpose: It is us for optimal display on a smartphone that is carri in the hand.

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The display is therefore view in portrait format

Videos and photos in 16:9 format are now also possible. However, since the Instagram app does not allow landscape mode (landscape format), i.e. it can only be view in portrait format, a widescreen video Singapore Lead than one in square format. If you are confus now, the following illustration may help. Example 1: Instagram format 8:10 There is a third format that the Instagram app makes best use of in terms of space. The 8:10 format. Example 2: Instagram portrait This upright format fills the display well, but always forces you to make compromises when you want to transfer existing video material to this format. Most will habitually shoot videos in landscape mode.

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