It is not possible to do it from the Android or iOS app. The process begins by entering the Instagram website and following these steps: We click on our profile photo. We go down to Delete my account temporarily and select it. Delete Instagram forever If we have already decid to delete the profile and we are not afraid of losing all our publishe and or hidden data, these are the steps to follow in our account. As before, we will not be able to do it from the mobile app and it is necessary to access it from the web.

To get there more directly

We share the link that will allow you to delete Philippines WhatsApp Number List the account , although we must verify that we have accesse the correct profile if we have several. 1-delete-instagram Once inside the account deletion panel ,  the reason that leads us to delete it. There is no bad or good answer, it only serves as information for Instagram to know what this is due to and take it into account for the platform. After confirming the process, our profile will be delete and there will be no way to recover the contents. Protect your account from others A creative method with which to cause our Instagram account to go unnotice in the eyes of others, but still exist to see our photos is possible. For this we have to change our profile from public to private.

WhatsApp Number List

We will do it on the screen, from Settings

Private account. But if we want to go further and we do not want certain users to know about us Singapore Lead comment on or see the photos, we just have to enter Privacy and choose Limitations. 3-delete-instagram The system will give us various options, and choose the top options to restrict that user’s access to our profile. Analysis and prices of the iPhone 13 | Finework Finework 20 October 2021 As every year Apple has accustome us to the arrival of a new iPhone, it is time to meet the iPhone 13 . The standard terminal of the new Apple series is one of the most desire as it offers us a size that fits everyone and does not reach the level of the huge Pro Max. So that you know everything that this device awaits.

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